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  1. Citizen Advisory Commission/Committee Application
  2. City of Orono Employment Application
  3. Online Data Practices Request Form
  4. Report an Issue - Mediacom

    Please use this form to report any concerns or complaints related to your unresolved/ongoing issues with MediaCom.

  1. City of Orono Election of Veteran's Preference
  2. City of Orono Supplemental Personnel Data for Affirmative Action Recruitment

    - The City of Orono is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to the policies and principles of affirmative action in its recruitment... More…

  3. Police: Online Data Practices Request Form

    Public records or copies of specific police reports, date, time, location, and/or person(s) involved

  4. Zoning Verification Letter Request

    Verfiy zoning, floodplain, and building permit history. Please allow 3-7 business days.


  1. Election Judge Application

    The City of Orono is looking for Election Judges for 2020 Elections. The City provides Election Judge Training for all Election... More…


  1. Annual Off Leash Park Pass Application

    Pass for the Susan B Lurton Off Leash Dog Park. Upon submitting this form and makeing payment, please use the receipt as a pass until... More…