Park Commissioners


2750 Kelley Parkway
Orono, MN 55356

P.O. Box 66
Orono, MN 55323


The Park Commission advises the City Council on matters of maintenance and use of park facilities, preservation of natural resources and promotion of environmental awareness.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Roath, Brian Park Commission Chair 612-599-4586  
Conrad Hudson, Casey Park Commissioner 763-438-6007  
Stephens, Taylor Park Commissioner 707-490-4449  
Berg, Janice Park Commissioner 952-471-7462  
Carter, Rick Park Commissioner 612-385-5182  
Stofer, Gordy Park Commissioner 303-931-3326  
Duval, Kjersti Park Commissioner 612-444-3100 x 102  
Porter, Cameron Park Commissioner Alternate 612-655-1467