Water Meter Replacement Project

Orono has begun updating indoor home water meters

Water meter replacement requires the city’s contractor to enter most homes in Orono. Typically, meter replacement can be completed within 30 minutes. Old meters will be replaced at no cost to water customers.

The new meters communicate with a radio sensor-equipped vehicle, allowing an employee to drive down a city street to collect consumption information without accessing properties. This project will improve consistency and make reading more efficient.

Roughly 1/4 of homes in the city will have their meters replaced in 2019. The remainder of the city will be completed in subsequent years. Properties included for 2019 generally include the oldest meters and those that have malfunctioned. If you are not notified for an update, no action is needed.

There is no cost to the customer for this meter replacement, but you are required to have your water meter replaced.

Property owners will be notified when their area will undergo installation

Homes subject to meter replacement will be directly notified by the contractor, Ferguson Waterworks. Upon notification, homeowners will be able to schedule an appointment to have a contracted staff member enter the home to swap out the meter.

Evening and weekend appointments will be available upon request. If no appointment is made following the first notification, staff will door knock in the area during regular work hours to replace meters.

To install the new water meter:

• Ferguson Waterworks will need to gain access to the water meter inside your home or business

• The water meter area should be clear and accessible.

• An adult 18 years old or older must be present at the time of installation.

You will be asked to schedule an appointment spanning a two-hour block of time. The installer will arrive and complete the meter installation work within the two-hour time frame. The installation should take approximately 30 minutes.

Ferguson Waterworks is an experienced meter installation contractor. All installers will have ID, wear uniforms, travel in marked vehicles and have completed background checks.

The City of Orono and Ferguson Waterworks thank you for your cooperation in making this a successful program.