Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation 2018-19

As part of a City project to rehabilitate sanitary sewer infrastructure, the city has contracted with a company to line and repair sanitary sewer mains. The contractor will require access to manholes that are in city right of way or easements, but appear to be on private property. The contractor may request access via private driveways for easier access, and so as not to disturb yards and landscaping. If driveways are to be blocked by equipment for any period of time to complete the work, they will coordinate with individual homeowners to make sure you have access when needed.

How will the work be done? 

First, the contractor will clean and televise the sewer mains. This is necessary to ensure the pipes are clean and clear in preparation for pipe lining. The process of lining the sanitary sewer consists of placing a flexible material into the existing sewer pipe (underground) and heating the material with hot water or steam to harden it into a new pipe. Once it is fully cured, the connections between private services and the sewer main will be cut open again. During this process, we ask that you do not use your sewer to avoid backup in your home. Notices will be given again within 48 hours of the lining work occurring. 

When will the work be done?

-Sewer cleaning, televising, and short line repairs will begin on November 26th and last until late December. -Sewer Pipe lining will begin in February 2019 and should last until Early March. 

How will the work affect property owners?

During this sewer repair work, you may experience some temporary inconveniences as the work takes place near your property. They may include: 
   - Contractor equipment parking
   - Extended work hours, including 24-hour operations for short periods
   - Lights, dust and styrene smell from the curing of the new pipe material; and Some noise from pumps, generators and other construction equipment. 

Our contractor will attempt to minimize the styrene odors (similar to modeling glue) from the curing of the new sewer pipe. You can also help minimize odor inconveniences by inspecting your interior sewer pipes; replacing cracked or broken pipe; and covering cleanouts, traps, or other sewer openings, or making sure they are filled with water as appropriate (no “dry” traps will let odors through). Should you notice any unusual odors in your building during our sewer repair work, please contact the contractor on site, or our staff at the phone numbers listed below. These odors, though unpleasant, are not dangerous at the levels usually produced during this type of work and they can be alleviated by ventilating the area. 

You may see vehicles from Visu-Sewer and Penn Contracting all working in the area.

Please contact one of the individuals listed below if you have any questions:

Mark Onken 
(On Site Representative) Bolton & Menk Inc. 
(651) 706-1999

Scott Oberainger (Utilities Supervisor) City of Orono 
(952) 249-4680

Brian Simmons 
(Project Engineer) Bolton & Menk, Inc. (952) 448-8838