Development Projects

Development Proposals

The City reviews development proposals at various stages.  Some of the more common stages include: 

A Sketch Plan is an informal review of a project that involves platting, or a change in Land Use Policy.  The idea is to gain initial feedback from staff, the planning commission, and the city council.  The applicant, based on the comments received, can decide whether or not to move forward with a project.  

A Preliminary Plat is a formal review process, involving a public hearing, where a project is carefully analyzed for conformance with city codes and ordinances.   

A Master Plan is a site plan prepared for many Planned Unit Developments, and details such as grading, utilities, building materials, landscaping, lighting are all reviewed.  

A Final Plat is the final review, confirming that all conditions imposed by earlier stages have been addressed.  

Recent projects

The City reviewed or is reviewing the following development proposals: 

Orchard Hill. (LA20-000030) A four lot single family residential subdivision is proposed at 135 Orono Orchard Road.  The Planning Commission reviewed the application at their meeting on May 18th, the City Council will to follow. 

Willow Bay Sanctuary (LA19-000033).  The City Council approved the final plat of this subdivision on August 12, 2019.  7 sewered lots were created on the 24.37 acre parcel, with one new road added.

Orono Apartments. (LA20-000001) A 56 unit market rate apartment building was approved by the City Council on April 13, 2020.  The building will be located at 2745 Kelley Parkway.  Construction is expected to start Spring 2021.