Development Projects

Potential Application for Cellular antenna in City Park

Verizon wireless has identified a need to add capacity in the city of Orono, in particular near the Orono Golf Course, and near the intersection of Old Crystal Bay Road and Northshore Drive.  
In these locations, City Ordinances allow, by right, wireless service antennas and towers if placed on a city water tower (Section 78-417 (6)).  When not placed on a water tower, but placed on a municipal structure, they are permitted by a Conditional Use (Section 78-418 (3)).  A conditional Use permit is a permit issued by the city Council, following a public hearing and review by the Planning Commission.  
Since a Conditional Use Permit is issued to the property, not the applicant, Verizon needed permission from the city to apply for a project on city property.  That authorization was provided by the Council in February, 2018.
To date, no application has been submitted.  We anticipate an application later this summer, possibly into the fall.  Once an application is received, the public hearing process will start.  The Park Commission will also be included in that process, as the improvement will likely be in a city park.  
No decisions have been made as to location, height, style, or whether or not antennas should be placed in the park.  Those decisions will come after the public review process.  

Development Proposals

The City Council recently approved the following development Proposals

Orono Senior Housing.  A 70 unit Senior, Assisted, and Memory Care Facility is proposed for 2635 Kelley Parkway.  

Orono Apartment.  A 56 unit market rate apartment building is proposed for 2745 Kelley Parkway.   

Zoning Ordinance Amendments

The City Council and Planning Commission continually reviews city ordinances to ensure they further the goals of the community. The City has recently passed and is currently reviewing many proposed ordinances, including the following:

Pending Zoning Ordinance Amendments

  • Accessory structure setbacks
  • Subdivision requirements
  • Sign Regulations
  • Septic Regulations, to be consistent with State of Minnesota and Hennepin County requirements

Recently Approved Ordinances