Brush & Tree Disposal

Brush Site 

Located off of McCulley Road (between Bayside Road and Wolverton Place or Debroah Drive).


Acceptable Materials: Twigs, Branches, Trees or Stumps

State law prohibits disposal of brush and tree waste in landfills or solid waste facilities. View yard and tree waste disposal locations.


  • Small Brush Disposal Fire
  • Large Brush Disposal Fire
  • Prairie Management Burns

Apply for a burning permit - it's free! Burning permits are subject to restrictions and inspections. There are also times during the year that burning bans are enforced by the Department of Natural Resources. No burning is allowed during a burning ban, call before every burn 651-772-7930.

Shoreline Alterations

Shoreline alterations are not permitted without a permit in the 0 to 75 foot zone! This includes aquatic plant removal, tree removal and clear cutting is never allowed!