Navarre History

Under Construction: A Guide to History and Community of Navarre

Many individuals, businesses and groups who have Navarre connections are contributing maps, pictures, stories and support to the Navarre History Story.

Project Beginnings

The project began with Jeanne Englund and her ambitious efforts to provide personal support for Navarre and to develop a system for community support.  Jeanne’s efforts resulted in the introduction of the Navarre Initiative with priorities including safety (pedestrian, bike, and motor), landscape, and history.

Jeanne made arrangements for the designated funding for the Navarre History to be contributed to the Westonka Historical Society with the notation that the contribution is for the Navarre History Project.  She also had begun gathering information and interviewing for the history project when her husband became ill, was hospitalized for an extended stay and died. 

Exhausted Jeanne could no longer continue her personal efforts for this project. She passed it on to Joan Wolfe of Gallery Navarre.


Donations for the project can be made to the Westonka Historical Society


Community members can submit items or information to Joan Wolfe at Navarre Gallery. Call Joan at 952-471-8745 for more information.

Information to Submit

The historical / heritage information may include (but not limited to): 

  • Business / family background information
  • Generational business highlights
  • Interesting / notable individuals / character
  • Interesting lake area stories with Navarre Connections
  • Interesting Navarre highlight information
  • Memories of the area
  • Photos
  • Significant business of Navarre area development stories