Snow Plow Safety

Giving Plows Plenty of Room

Snow plows frequently stop and back up. If you're bumper to bumper, you're probably in the driver's blind zone - an accident just waiting to happen. 

Drive slowly, and give snow plows plenty of room to work - in every direction.

Passing Plows with Extreme Caution

Snow plows often use wing plows sticking off to either side to clear more snow. 

Never, never, never pass a snow plow by driving on the shoulder; and be very careful passing one plowing the left lane of a multi-lane highway. Give plow blades plenty of room along the centerline.

Avoiding the Plow's Cloud

Driving into the cloud a snow plow kicks up can instantly blind you - a total white out, and it can last for what it seems like a lifetime. Be very careful around snow plows.

Child Safety

Do not allow children to play on or near the street when snow plowing is in progress. The building of forts in the snowbanks near the street is dangerous because snow plows may cause the collapse of these snow forts.