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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Boat & Water Safety

Boat and water safety is an important part of being responsible when enjoying the lakes or waterways.  No matter what your hobby or attraction, think responsibly and stay informed about the rules and regulations of the lakes, boats and personal watercraft. 

Rules for Boat & Water Safety

Some of the topics include:  boating and fishing ethics, rules of the road for the lake, water-way markers,  ordinances, fees, required equipment, along with several other tops.

Download any or all of these manuals by going to the websites for each organization listed:

  • Boating Regulations Lake Minnetonka (Lake Access)
  • Lake Minnetonka Summer Rules (LMCD)
  • Lake Minnetonka Winter Rules (LMCD)
  • Minnesota Boating Guide (DNR)



Boat Safety Courses

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