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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Project Description:  The City and Orono Public Schools are partnering to reconfigure Old Crystal Bay Road between County Road 112 and County Road 6.  Currently the project is in the design phase.   Construction will likely occur in the summers of 2018 and 2019. 

Scope:  The project will reconfigure and repave the road way with the aim of addressing safety concerns due to congestion and to  replacement of the pavement.  The project will also look to replace/ repair ageing utility infrastructure within  the right of way: water, sewer, and storm water.  Simultaneously the school will be reconfiguring the internal parking and traffic flow.

Background: For some time there have been concerns regarding the ability of OCB to handle the traffic associated with the Orono Public School operations. In particular, OCB and those roads that feed it suffer from heavy congestion during school drop off and pick up times.   In 2010 the city conducted a traffic and safety study which was followed that same year by a feasibility study. However the construction project ultimately was not approved. In 2012 a 1.5 inch overlay was applied to this section of road. In 2016 the School performed a traffic study of the internal school facilities and the road corridor which confirmed many of the same issues the 2010 studies had identified. At the April 24, 2017 the work session the council directed staff to look at the road condition and congestion issues. On May 22nd staff presented some options to the City Council’s School Committee and received guidance to proceed with requesting the county reconfigure the OCB-6 intersection to right in/ right out and to work toward a long term plan for the road with construction in 2018. In July Council authorized Bolton and Menk to complete a feasibility study of project. On November 27th the Council authorized staff to initiate initial design work. On January 22nd the city authorized detailed design and engineering for the project. The City and school have held several productive meetings with consulting staff from both the city and school.  The school Board agreed to partner with the city at their February12th,  2018 meeting. 

Project Cost and Funding. The table below contains a rough order of magnitude estimate.  A more refined Engineers estimate will be prepared as part of the design process. Costs will be shared between the city and School.  The city portion of the project will be funded with a combination of Municipal State Aid and the respective utility funds. 

OCB Preliminary Cost Estimates

Parking Lot/access

$       740,000


$   1,364,400

Pavement Subtotal

$ 2,104,400


$         64,800


$       100,000

Pedestrian Signal

$         25,000

Amenities subtotal

$     189,800

Water Line

$       210,000

Sewer Line

$       190,000

Storm water

$       250,000

Utility Subtotal

$     650,000

Feasibility Study

$         24,900


$       247,500

Construction Oversight

$       275,440

Engineering Subtotal

$     547,840


$ 3,492,040

Attached Document or File180122-Old_Crystal_Bay_Preliminary_Layout  

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