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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Predatory Offender Registration (Sex Offenders)

Under current state statutes, the Minnesota Department of Corrections maintains a listing of sexual offenders. There are three levels of offenders, which are determined by the offenders' history and probability of re-offending. For a description of the three levels and to determine what offenders may currently be residing in the Orono area, connect with the Minnesota Department of Corrections website.


The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) manages the Minnesota Predatory Offender Registration and Tracking Program of registered sexual offenders as they are released from prison. This program includes a database which can be accessed by law enforcement to determine the most current information on known sexual offenders such as where they reside, the vehicles they drive, probation officers assigned, and other information relevant to law enforcement.


This tracking program is part of the Minnesota CriMNet system. The CriMNet system is being developed by the State of Minnesota as a cooperative effort between many law enforcement and judicial branches of government to facilitate better sharing of information. The Orono Police Department contributes information to and gets information from the Minnesota Predatory Offender Registration and Tracking Program.


Upon release from prison, sexual offenders who are required to register must keep local law enforcement advised of their current address and status changes. Failure to register can result in felony level criminal charges. Sexual offenders residing in the Orono police jurisdiction must contact the Orono Police Department to ensure registration requirements are met.

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