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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Building & Zoning Department

The Building & Zoning Department  is responsible for the review of building plans and the implementation of land use plans and policies of the City Council through administration of ordinances.  The Department reviews permit and land use applications to ensure compliance with zoning, setback, hardcover, floodplain management, and other City requirements. The department provides service and information to the general public, property owners, builders, and developers on all aspects of development and land use within Orono.

The Building & Zoning Department provides support and planning and building expertise to the City Council and Planning Commission on land use and special projects.  Please call or email one of the planning staff members listed below if you have any questions related to development of your property, current land use applications, or general land use questions.

Topics of Interest:

Applications, Licenses & Permits:

Building & Zoning Information Sheets:

  • Accessory Buildings - Residential
  • Boat and Boat Trailer Storage - Residential
  • Building Height 
  • Construction Hours
  • Construction Waste - Erosion Control  
  • Deck Handout 
  • Entrance Monuments 
  • Fence Regulations on Lakeshore Property 
  • Fence Regulations on Non-Lakeshore Property 
  • Hardcover Calculation Worksheet
  • Hardcover Calculation Worksheet (Sample)
  • Hardcover Information Packet
  • Home Occupation Regulations 
  • Horses & Farm Animals
  • Landscaping & Retaining Walls 
  • Structural Coverage 
  • Survey Requirements
  •      Why Do I Need a Survey 2014?
  • Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

Planning Documents:



Building & Zoning Department

  • Jeremy Barnhart, Community Development Director
    Phone: (952) 249-4626

  • Roger Peitso, Building Official
    Phone: (952) 249-4625
  • Melanie Curtis, City Planner
    Phone: (952) 249-4627
  • Laura Oakden, City Planner
    Phone: (952) 249-4602
  • Christine Mattson, Planning Assistant
    Phone: (952) 249-4620

  • Monica Fadness, Administrative Support Assistant
    Phone: (952) 249-4604


City of Orono, 2750 Kelley Parkway, Orono, MN 55356 - Main (952) 249-4600 - Fax (952) 249-4616