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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Natural Areas

Baker Park, 2309 Baker Park Rd, Maple Plain (Three Rivers Park)

Big Island Nature Park, 100 Big Island
 - Big Island Park Rules
 - Big Island News Segment 2017 
 - Big Island Update 08-03-2017

Casco Point Park, 2545 Casco Point Rd

French Creek Preserve, 898 Old Crystal Bay Rd

Highwood Nature Trail, 4100 North Shore Dr

Lowry Woods Nature Area

Noerenberg Park2685 North Shore Dr (Three Rivers Park)

Saga Hill Nature Area, 4750 Tonkaview La

Seven Nations Natural Area, 2725 Watertown Rd

Wolsfeld Woods (DNR-SNA Park)

Wood-Rill (DNR-SNA Park)  Visitor note: This site has hiking trails. Dogs must be on a leash. The Luce Line State Trail is adjacent to site. Bikes are only allowed on the state trail.

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