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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Election Information

Conducting elections is one of the most important responsibilities local officials have, particularly for city clerks.  As a subdivision of state government, the city must administer elections for federal, state, county and special district offices and questions, as well as for cities.

City officials are expected to recognize the significance of this duty.  For most citizens, voting is their most direct participation in government.  It is important that each voter has ample opportunity to go to the polls, fully understands how to cast a ballot, and has confidence in the observance of voter privacy and secrecy of the ballot.  Finally, all citizens must have the opportunity to file for any elective office for which they are qualified.

LMC, "Handbook for Minnesota Cities," Election Procedures, 1997, p. 81.

The State Primary Election Date was permanently moved from September to the second Tuesday in August* back in 2010 in order to meet the federal law change that requires absentee ballots for military and oversees voters be available at least 45 days prior to an election.  This will provide more time for all absentee voters to process their absentee ballots to assure their ballots will be received in time to be counted.

E-Poll Pads (New for 2016)
Presenting Poll Pad in Hennepin County - Video

E-poll books will replace current paper voter rosters used in the polling place on election day. They will provide increased consistency and efficiencies throughout Hennepin County polling places and will also provide critical communication with the polling place on election day.


Important Election Dates 2018

Sample Ballots

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Orono Election Official

Voters with Special Circumstances

City of Orono, 2750 Kelley Parkway, Orono, MN 55356 - Main (952) 249-4600 - Fax (952) 249-4616