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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

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Lake Minnetonka Facts & Statistics

Lake Minnetonka is the 10th largest lake in Minnesota; it has over 14,000 acres of water (approximately 22 square miles) with more than 100 miles of shoreline.   Lake Minnetonka is also one of the most heavily-used lake in Minnesota.

Lake Minnetonka offers something for everyone.  Come summer, there is no doubt about it, Lake Minnetonka is the "place to be."  For many residents, as well as visitors, spring and fall offer a peaceful tranquility.  Winter offers its own pleasures for snowmobiling or ice fishing.  This lake offers many enjoyments. 

Despite the metro location, Lake Minnetonka is rated one of the finest, most consistent fish producing lakes in the state.  Some of the species in the lake include Bluegills (the most abundant species), crappie, largemouth bass, muskellunge (muskie) northern pike, smallmouth bass, walleye.

Other noteworthy facts about Lake Minnetonka.  

  • Channels: 31 connecting channels
  • Maximum Depth: 101 feet (in Crystal Bay)
  • Outlet: Minnehaha Creek
  • Upper Lake Inlets: Six-Mile Creek and Painter's Creek
  • Water Clarity: 10.9 feet

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