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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Tree Trimming

City's Responsibility

The City is responsible for tree trimming along public city streets as necessary to maintain safe road conditions. 

Hennepin County & State Responsibility

Hennepin County is responsible for tree trimming along County Roads and the State is responsible for Highway 12 tree trimming.

Utility Companies

The utility companies may also complete tree trimming to maintain clearance for utility lines.

Reasons for Tree Trimming

Trees growing into the power lines.
Obstruction of view in a right-of-way.
Tree growing or leaning in the right-of-way or on the roadways.
Storm damage - trees down or partially down, obstructing the right-of-way

To ensure the safe operation of roads the City should be contacted before trimming any trees overhanging streets.  It is a misdemeanor for any person to plant or remove any tree upon or overhanging streets without first procuring from the city a permit in writing to do so.

і Orono Code, "Sec. 78-1285," Permit to Plant or Remove Trees.

To report a tree down or one of the above four conditions, please call the Public Works Department during business hours.

Tree Removal Ordinance

Trees On Private Property

Trees that are on your private property are the responsibility of the homeowner.  The City will not provide tree removal service.  Please check the local yellow pages for a reputable contractor. 

Lakeshore Tree Removal

Since 75% of the properties in Orono are in lakeshore areas, regulations have been adopted to protect the lakeshore.  The ordinance reads as follows:

(a)     No live tree within 75 feet of the shoreline or within the bluff impact zone with a diameter of six inches or more (or 19 inches in circumference or greater) measured three feet above ground may be removed without first obtaining a permit from the city staff, provided that at least the equivalent number of replacement trees of a size and nature found acceptable to the staff are planted at the same setback from the shoreline as those removed.  Removal of trees that are dead shall not require a permit, but such trees must be inspected by city staff prior to their removal. 

(b)     Intensive vegetation clearing within 75 feet of the shoreline, on steep slopes or within the bluff impact zone within the Shorelands Overlay District is prohibited.  Limited clearing of shrubs and trees less than six inches in diameter and cutting and pruning and trimming of trees of any size is allowed to provide a view to the water from the principal dwelling site and to accommodate the placement of permitted stairways and landings, picnic areas, access paths, beach and watercraft access areas, and permitted lockboxes, provided that the screening of structures, vehicles or other facilities as viewed from the water, assuming summer, leaf-on conditions, is not substantially reduced.

 і Orono Code, "Sec. 78-1285," Vegetation Alterations.


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