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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Caucus Information

To find out where your caucus will be held check with the county auditor or your political party.  Caucuses are not overseen by the City.

Caucus Information

Time and manner of holding; postponement.  (a) In every state general election year, beginning at 7:00 p.m. on the date established pursuant to paragraph (b), there shall be held for every election precinct a party caucus in the manner provided in sections 202A.14 to 202A.19. 

(b) (1) The chairs of the two largest major political parties shall jointly submit to the secretary of state, no later than March 1 of each odd-numbered year, the single date on which the two parties have agreed to conduct their precinct caucuses in the next even-numbered year. 

(2) On March 1 of each odd-numbered year, the secretary of state shall publicly announce the official state precinct caucus date for the following general election year. 

Minnesota Statues, 202A.14, Subdivision 1 & 2

Precinct caucuses are the beginning of the process that Minnesota's major political parties use for choosing the candidates and the issues they will support in the upcoming elections.  Their choices are especially important because the future of our stat and country will be affected by the candidates we elect.

You May Participate in Your Party's Caucus If:

1.  By November 2, of any given caucus year you are (or will be) at least 18 years of age.

2.  A citizen of the United States and a resident of Minnesota for at least 20 days.

You may participate in the precinct in which you are in agreement with the principals of the party as stated in your party's constitution and that you are either voted or affiliated with the party at the (last) state general election or intend to do so at the (upcoming) state general election.

Important Dates & Times 2016

Resource Information

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