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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City


Electric Service Map 

FEMA - Floodplain Map Information

Fire District Map 

Flood Plain Map

Highway 12 Areas Guided for Multi-Family Res Uses Map

Land Use Plan 2030 

MUSA Expansion History

MUSA Planned Expansions - 2008 

Navarre Area Mixed Use Sites Map

Park - Comprehensive Trail System Plan 

Parks, Open Spaces, Trails & Recreational Areas Map 

Phone Service Map 

Postal Map 

Sanitary Sewer Index Map 

School District Map 

Shoreland Overlay District Map

Street Map 11 x 17 - 10/2012
Street Map 26 x 24 - 10/2012

Stormwater Quality Overlay District Map (Hardcover Tiers)

Topographic Maps - [Contact Planning & Zoning]

Voting - Precinct Map 

Water Distribution Map - Navarre 

Water Distribution Map - Hwy 12 & Long Lake Extensions

Wetland & Drainage Districts Map 
Disclaimer:  The wetland map is not 100% accurate and should only be used as a reference.  Interested persons should contact staff or a wetland delineator.

**Wetland delineation may be required for permits. **

Zoning Map 


Contact Information

Pricing for Copies

City of Orono, 2750 Kelley Parkway, Orono, MN 55356 - Main (952) 249-4600 - Fax (952) 249-4616