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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Navarre Activity Update

Navarre Improvements

Lights, sidewalks and banners

Among the investments the City has made are the new street lights and repaired sidewalks. Citizens met over several months to select the lighting pole style, color and pole amenities. Installation of the street lights included replacement of a significant amount of chipped or deteriorated sidewalk and, thereby, created safer passage in the business district. Working with local artist Mary McKenzie and Navarre business owner Joan Wolfe, the city recently added vibrantly colored banners to the poles to highlight the unique history of “Navarre Island Community”.  New Holiday lights were added for winter 2016-2017 to add to the Navarre experience. 


Over the past 25 years the City conducted a number of studies attempting to establish a master planning framework for the Navarre business district.  The most recent study, conducted in 2005-2006, considered establishment of goals and a vision for reinvestment in the business district. Each of the past efforts has been only minimally successful, and none resulted in adoption of a master plan.  However, interest again surfaced when a small group of Navarre area residents and business owners in fall 2011 formed the Navarre Community Initiative (NCI), a committee whose goal is to explore and provide input to the City regarding potential improvements to the Navarre area. Their initial discussion focused on three main themes - pedestrian safety; connectivity of the Navarre business district to the Dakota Trail; and aesthetics.  For more information NCI can be contacted via Ralph Kempf at





Livingston Tower Park

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