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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Public Works

Leaf & Grass Drop-Off
The Orono Public Works Department offers leaf & grass drop off at their site located at 2700 Kelley Parkway.  The site only accepts leaves and grass.  No tree trimmings please.  Please remember to take your bags!  Open everyday through the spring, summer, and fall.

24 Hour Service Available

Limited service is available after hours but is provided 24 hours a day.  For assistance, call the after hours dispatch or emergency numbers listed.

Adam Edwards,
Director of Public Works/City Engineer
(952) 249-4600

Public Works Supervisors

David Goman
Supervisor for Streets, Storm Sewers
(952) 249-4670

Scott Oberaigner
Supervisor for Water, Sanitary Sewer and Facilities
(952) 249-4680

Jason Goehring
Parks & Golf Course 
(952) 249-4684

Public Works Employees

Barry Rathbun
Clint Schumann
David Goman
Gregg Palmer
Randy O'Brien
Jason Goehring
Brandon Mauerer


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Additional Information

City of Orono, 2750 Kelley Parkway, Orono, MN 55356 - Main (952) 249-4600 - Fax (952) 249-4616