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City of Orono, Minnesota
The Lakeshore City

Snow Plowing


  The City of Orono has approximately 50 miles of roads, as well as some trails and municipal parking lots which are maintained by the Public Works Department from early November to late March.  The City adopted the attached Snow Plowing and Ice Control Policy to define and provide reasonable snow plowing and ice control services on City roads for routine travel and emergency services and to provide such services in a safe and cost effective manner while balancing personnel resources and environmental concerns.

The city’s snow plow plan varies depending upon the amount of snow that falls. If less than 2 inches falls, only major streets in the city system are plowed. Ice control is performed at stop signs, hills, bridges and curves and the entire system. If more than 2 inches of snow falls, all city streets are plowed curb-to-curb. Plowing all streets, including the removal of snow from cul-de-sacs, requires 8 to 10 hours.

  Parking Parking on all city streets and municipal parking lots is prohibited from 2:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. all year.  Parking on all city streets is prohibited at any time when there is 2" or more of snow until the streets are cleared.  Please refrain from parking on city streets whenever snow or ice conditions may require plowing. 

 Shovel Fire Hydrants The Fire Department asks residents to shovel out fire hydrants near their homes. Keeping hydrants clear of snow can substantially reduce the time it takes firefighters to put out a fire.

  Mail & Other Services Keep your mailbox clear of snow to ensure mail delivery. If it snows on collection day, keep garbage cans and recycling bins away from the end of the driveway.

  Clearing Driveways Do not shovel, plow or blow snow into the street. Blowing snow in the street makes it more difficult to clear streets (especially cul-de-sacs).

  Sidewalks & Trails Property owners are responsible for keeping public sidewalks adjacent to their property clear of snow.

 For Questions or concerns related to the Snow removal please contact Orono Public Works at 952-249-4603.



Occasionally, snow plowing will result in damage to mailboxes.  The City will repair the damage or replace a mailbox, only if the mailbox and its supporting posts are properly located behind the curb line or along the edge of the street and if damage is the result of actual contact by the snow plow.  A standard design mail box will be used for replacements (the City will not replace decorative mail boxes).  Property owners who install decorative materials in the right-of-way do so at their own risk.  The City will not assume responsibility for damages that are caused by mailboxes that protrude into the street or are damaged simply by snow pressure or snow rolling off the plow or wing.
If damage is done to a mailbox on a County Road by the county snowplows, you must contact Hennepin County to have this issue resolved.
If damage is done to a mailbox on a Private Road, you must contact your homeowners association or person in charge in your neighborhood for snow removal.


Lawns damaged by the City equipment will be restored in the spring.


To file a complaint, please contact the Public Works Department during normal business hours.

Disagreements on Complaints

In instances where there is disagreement as to the damage and the responsibilities of a complaint, the Administration and/or Police Department may determine the responsibility. 



It is unlawful for any person, except an operator of an emergency motor vehicle on an emergency call, to park or leave standing any vehicle on any street or municipal parking lot when there is more than two inches of snow on the street or municipal parking lot and snow is falling or has fallen within the previous 48 hours, or snow is blowing or has been blowing within the previous 48 hours.

і Orono Code, "Sec. 66-81," Parking after snowfall prohibited.
No parking on all city streets and municipal parking lots from
2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. all year.
Parking is prohibited at any time when there is 2" or more of snow until the streets are cleared.  Please refrain from parking on the city streets whenever snow or ice conditions may require plowing.

Impounding & Removing Vehicles

While the City of Orono is not in the habit of impounding vehicles, if a snow emergency is in effect and / or a vehicle is in violation of the ordinance listed below, your vehicle may be ticketed and towed.
When any police officer finds a vehicle standing upon a street or city-owned parking lot in violation of any parking regulation, such officer is hereby authorized to require the driver or other person in charge of such vehicle to remove the vehicle to a position in compliance with this chapter.  When any police officer finds a vehicle unattended upon any street or city-owned parking lot in violation of any parking regulation, such officer is hereby authorized to impound such unlawfully parked vehicle and to provide for its removal and to remove the vehicle to a convenient garage or other facility or place of safety; and if any charge shall be placed against such vehicle for cost of removal or storage, or both, by anyone called upon to assist with the removal, it shall be paid prior to removal from such place of storage or safekeeping.

і Orono Code, "Sec. 66-44," Impounding and removing vehicles.

Where Would I Pick up an Impounded Vehicle?

Check the City of Orono's Police website for detailed information on picking up your impounded vehicle.  
If you have further questions, call the Orono Police Department at (952) 249-4700.

Placing Snow in Roadway

It is a misdemeanor for any person, not acting under a specific contract with the city or without special permission from the city, to remove snow or ice from private property and place it in the roadway of any street or private road.

і Orono Code, "Sec. 18-5," Placing snow or ice in a roadway.


Snow Plow Safety
Go slow, pass plows only with extreme caution and never drive into a snow plow's cloud.

Snow plows often use wing plows sticking off to either side to clear more snow.  Never, never, never pass a snow plow by driving on the shoulder; and be very careful passing one plowing the left lane of a multi-lane highway.  Give plow blades plenty of room along the centerline.
Snow plows frequently stop and back up.  If you're bumper to bumper, you're probably in the driver's blind zone - an accident just waiting to happen.  Give snow plows plenty of room to work - in every direction. 

Driving into the cloud a snow plow kicks up can instantly blind you - a total white out.  And it can last for what it seems like a lifetime.  Be very careful around snow plows.


Go Slow!

Pass only with extreme caution!

NEVER drive into a snow plow's cloud!

Child Safety

Do not allow children to play on or near the street when snow plowing is in progress.  The building of forts in the snowbanks near the street is dangerous because snow plows may cause the collapse of these snow forts.


Attached Document or FileOrono Snow and Ice Policy  

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